Aug 292012

When you endure Georgia summers you live for that first breeze whispering autumn is on the way. It blissfully reminds you that your hair will not always be a giant humidity haven and that one day you will get to wear layers again and not feel like a bikini is a stiflingly hot outfit. It’s finally here – fall wedding season – another season of celebrating with gorgeous, precious brides and feeling incredibly blessed to be doing what I do.

These colorful images are from a shoot that I merely contributed flowers to, but they are so festive and summer-worthy that they needed to be shared before the muted tones of fall have overtaken all our color palettes. Since this isn’t my shoot, per se, I’ve listed the masterminds behind it first so you can bask in their talents as you peruse the images. Enjoy!

Photography: Janet Howard Studio

Styling and Concept: Ashley Pepitone Design

Hair and Makeup: Andrea Carter Artistry


{For more images visit Brooklyn Bride}



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