Feb 062015

It is in the dead of winter that my heart most longs for adventure. The idea of slipping away and seeing the world just feels warmer.

This past year, I embarked on a cross-country road trip from Atlanta to Seattle. I had never had the desire to see the West until I actually saw it. I was overwhelmed. The colors that I had always thought were contrived were suddenly right there painted in sunsets and landscapes. It was breathtaking every single day of our eleven day trip. When we reached Seattle I was so inspired that this shoot was an outpouring of that inspiration. I joined forces with my amazing photographer cousin, Becca Blevins, (We are located so far away from one another that I had never had the privilege of working with her!) and some talented vendors from Portland.

This shoot was inspired by the sense of adventure in all of us. The sense of jumping in a roadster with the one you love and forgetting the consequences. Call it frivolous. Call it foolhardy. That is love in it’s purest form. It is an adventure of trust.

Travel Wedding  193

Travel Wedding  100

Travel Wedding  162

Travel Wedding  116Travel Wedding  104

Travel Wedding  106

Travel Wedding  102Travel Wedding  160

Travel Wedding  124

Travel Wedding  122

Travel Wedding  130

Travel Wedding  148Travel Wedding  149Travel Wedding  151

Travel Wedding  127

Travel Wedding  135

Travel Wedding  123

Travel Wedding  184

Travel Wedding  178

Travel Wedding  173

Travel Wedding  157  1Travel Wedding  156  1Travel Wedding  170

Travel Wedding  116

Travel Wedding  112

Travel Wedding  209

Travel Wedding  206

Travel Wedding  198

Travel Wedding  186

Travel Wedding  211

Travel Wedding  183

Travel Wedding  217

Styling & Floral Design: Juli Vaughn Designs || Instagram: Juli Vaughn Designs

Cake: Alissa Frice || Instagram: Fricepastry

Dress: Ania Collection || Facebook: Ania Collection

Designer: Theia  || Facebook: Theia

Jewelry: Betsy & Iya || Instagram: Betsy & Iya

Invites: Sarah Collins || Instagram: Neon Ground

Photo: Becca Blevins || Instagram: Beccablevins_photography

Makeup: Monica Nihn || Instagram: Monn Bonn

Venue: Krueger Farm

Model: Bailey Burger || Instagram: Forestandfield



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