Jun 182013

Katie is a girl of simple, elegant, straightforward tastes. She knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it. So when she came to me to design her wedding, she had a very clear vision for her wedding day. Katie was looking for classic, modern elegance drenched with her favorite color, yellow, and accented with navy blue and light gray.

I was designing her wedding, though, so not everything was going to be clean lines and simple patterns! Like Katie herself, we agreed there should be just a touch of whimsy. We made that happen with the magic of paper!

Paper is a fantastic, cheap, and beautiful alternative to flowers when your budget is a little tight. Don’t get me wrong – flowers are terribly important (*ahem* Check out her bouquet chocked FULL of yellow ranunculus), but really beautiful paper can create amazing texture as well.

We designed a classic, cohesive ceremony and reception look with handmade paper puffs as the focal point for the ceremony and accenting each table. Paired with larger suspended paper puffs and paper lanterns hung from the ceiling, these little details made her special day really pop – a fun, unique touch against an otherwise simple, straightforward backdrop!


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Floral & Event Design: Juli Vaughn Designs
Photography: Alea Moore Photography
Day-Of Coordinator: Amanda Ready of Atlanta Event Studio
Venue: The Foundry at Puritan Mill
Catering: Sally’s Events

May 282013

Whenever I sit down with a bride for the first time, I immediately start thinking of suggesting floral and fabric shades that complement her natural coloring. All brides deserve to have a beautiful wedding full of colors that make her look stunning in all of her pictures. Some colors are easier to avoid than others – most people don’t look amazing in neon yellow, but ya never know!

Belinda, being the sweetheart that she is, knew from our very first conversation exactly what colors she wanted.  She took the concept of complementing shades and applied it to each part of her wedding – seeking not just the perfectly matched hues of purple, gray, and green, but food, flowers, and a location consistent with both her and Andrew’s personalities.

Belinda’s dream wedding brought to life became a gorgeous mixture of classic elegance and rustic outdoorsiness, all accented in beautiful plum purple. My favorite final touch was the chuppah I made for them, draping it in shades of gray, white, and beige.

Throw in some locally raised and grown food for the menu, and you have the makings of a perfect wedding day – perfectly complementing Andrew and Belinda in every way!


Photographer: Michelle Marie photography
Venue: Montaluce Winery
Floral & Event Designer: Juli Vaughn Designs
Event Coordinator: Bluming Creativity (Tara Kornblum)
Hair & Makeup: G Salon and Spa
Cake/Dessert: Frosted Pumpkin Gourmet, Inc.
Caterer – Le Vigne Restaurant at Montaluce Winery
Officiant: Peter S. Berg (The Temple)
Ceremony Musician: Adele Wang
DJ/Band: Fernando (Lethal Rhythms)
Wedding Dress: Wedding Angels
Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Bridesmaids Dresses: Wtoo
Groom’s Tux: Ken Sharma
Groomsmen Suits: The Tuxedo House
Stationary: Prologue Press
Transportations: Crown Mountain Limo

May 132013

Every season holds its own inspiration. Spring has soft pastels and sweet little blooms on branches. Summer has wildflowers and vibrant jewel tones. Autumn is natural, crisp, and surrounded by amber light. But winter – winter is for snuggling, feasting, and finding warmth.

Originally, we got our idea from Jamie Elliot McPherson – the owner of our gorgeous venue, High Meadows at Vinewood. Together we decided on the color board for this inspiration shoot: a gorgeous juxtaposition of the cool wintry tones of gray with the warmth of firelight gold. To create a sense of the beauty of these colors’ differences, I picked materials that contrasted beautifully with one another – soft, draping burlap and shiny metallic golds. We even chose our models with the coloring in mind – the pair are color opposites!

This shoot is our take on snuggling with your love, feasting at a truly splendid venue, and finding warmth in the long, gray winter months.

Featured on 100 Layer Cake!

Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0023Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0039Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0037Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0043Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0031Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0071Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0049
Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0055Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0061Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0059
Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0045Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0007Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0009Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0003Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0002Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0001Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0084Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0097Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0168Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0170
Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0171Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0180Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0175Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0186Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0188Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0203Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0087Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0263Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0244Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0245Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0107Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0262Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0215Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0089Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0088Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0090
Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0093Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0095Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0096Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0218Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0237Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0217Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0086Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0109Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0265Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0247Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0110Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0112Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0114Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0118Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0124Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0130Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0132Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0156Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0148Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0152Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0197

Styling, Floral & Event Design: Juli Vaughn Designs
Photography: Hayley Sheffield
Venue: High Meadows at Vinewood
Wardrobe Styling: Melissa Welch
Dresses: Fabulous Frocks of Atlanta
Veil, Floral Pieces, Silver/Diamond Earrings: Fine and Fleurie
Invitations, Paper Goods: Julia’s Poppies Design
Desserts: Sift! Dessert Boutique
Makeup: Jennifer Horton Makeup
Hair: Amber Avanossian of Paisley Salon
Balloons: A Balloon Affair

Apr 102013

Simona (who is Romanian) and Darren (who is from Michigan) traveled a very long way to find one another. They were married at the Callenwolde Fine Arts Center in Georgia on a July 15, 2012, with Simona’s father officiating – partly in Romanian and partly in English. Both artists, Darren and Simona wanted to incorporate art into every part of their ceremony and reception, asking that the tables look as though guests were sitting down to Dutch still life paintings. They also gave guests the opportunity to create their own erasure poetry, leaving a page from a book and white-out at each guest’s place. This element is particularly sweet sinceDarren proposed to Simona, a literature professor and writer, via erasure poetry!

See it featured here on Style Me Pretty!


Event Design: Juli Vaughn Designs
Photography: Our Labor of Love
Cake : Sweet Peeps Bakery by Kathryn Wharton Pfister
Food: Sun in My Belly
Hair: Jessica Goldstein with Brock Cassidie Salon
Make-up/Coordination – Kristy Masterson
Invitation: Wedding Paper Divas
Mar 052013

Beautiful images are priceless. They matter more than your flowers and hair and even your gown. They are the one thing that you keep as a tangible sign to say, “We did this thing!” So, when a truly talented photographer like Emma Cleary in New York asked me if I would like to join forces with her for a styled shoot, I emphatically said, “Yes, pretty please!”

It was wintertime in the City and not the most ideal time for a photo shoot – our poor models were freezing their you-know-whats off! But we bravely soldiered on, finding inspiration from the lovely historic and wonderfully nautical venue Bayard’s in the Financial District.

Enjoy this peek into a winterized nautical pair as they tie the knot “sailor style.”


Photography – Emma Cleary
Styling, Floral & Event Design: Juli Vaughn Designs
Invitation Suite: Julia’s Poppies Design
Banners & Flags: Liddabits Design Shop
Models – Wilhelmina
Cake – Elegantly Iced
Hair- Red Carpet Bridal
Makeup – Olya Schechter
Ties – Dibi Ties
Venue – Bayard’s Events & Catering
Dress- Kelly Faetanini

Feb 192013

Choosing and incorporating color – especially bright colors – can be intimidating. There are so many gorgeous palettes and so many options! Clothing designers like Kate Spade and furniture gurus like Jonathan Adler seem to always hit the mark in celebrating color with style in an oh-so-lovely way. These two designer’s playful celebration of bright, stylish colors was my inspiration for this year’s The Not Wedding engagement shoot – bright colors for a bright and sweet newlywed couple! It was captured beautifully by my sweet friend Whitney Huyhn too!

The Not Wedding event gathers together some of the best vendors the wedding industry has to offer to show off their unique style in a fake wedding setting.  I am ecstatic to be part of this year’s event, creating and designing in a sharply contrasting color scheme that’s both playful and bold.

I hope you can see Zac and Lauren’s adorable personalities and be inspired by all this stylish color like I was!


Check out the amazing Save The Date video from White Dress Media too!


Florals & Styling – Juli Vaughn Designs

Photography – Whitney Huyhn

Cake – Anne Kathleen Cakes

Makeup – Claudia Mejerle Rogers

Video – White Dress Media

Feb 182013

Lauren and Chris were so fun to work with! They are delightfully opposite. Lauren is a fashionista and gaga for antiques, where Chris is a noted furniture designer and all about a clean, modern look. For their gorgeous chic farm inspired wedding, Lauren asked me to help her combine their aesthetics into one beautiful event. The task was easy-peasy with the lovely Summerour Studio as their setting. It was a perfect modern setting suited to Chris’s tastes, and it made a flawless backdrop to the eclectic vintage plates and other objects that Lauren collected herself for each table. There were gold farm animals, ombre flowers, and strands of ribbons everywhere. And what’s a Southern wedding without peaches?

Enjoy y’all.

SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCCoalson_Hardy_Jason_Hales_Photography_180294_izJCCk7d_lowSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCCoalson_Hardy_Jason_Hales_Photography_180264_iFstBBgn_lowCoalson_Hardy_Jason_Hales_Photography_180266_ixfHRbJM_lowCoalson_Hardy_Jason_Hales_Photography_180265_icST28ML_lowSONY DSCSONY DSCCoalson_Hardy_Jason_Hales_Photography_180306_iLSMWfxG_lowCoalson_Hardy_Jason_Hales_Photography_180318_iZr5jMSz_lowSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCCoalson_Hardy_Jason_Hales_Photography_180301_iDs5sfZp_lowSONY DSCCoalson_Hardy_Jason_Hales_Photography_180331_iSV3PFtL_lowSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC
Coalson_Hardy_Jason_Hales_Photography_180310_iw3r49Xx_lowCoalson_Hardy_Jason_Hales_Photography_180309_iGbDNmSX_lowSONY DSCCoalson_Hardy_Jason_Hales_Photography_180358_iv9fQ27h_low

Floral & Event Design: Juli Vaughn Designs
Photographer: Jason Hales Photography
Catering: Bold American
Cakes: Lush Cakery
DJ: Ampd Atlanta

Feb 132013

In my experience, people who love glitter are generally the best kind of people.

So, when my dear friend and fellow stylist, Ashley Pepitone, came up with the idea of a girly, glittery Valentine’s Day party, I jumped at the chance to make it a reality. We joined forces with paper designer Jamie Wyckoff and makeup artist Andrea Carter, to throw a bash that rained glitter and gave us an excuse to glam it up all while showing that Valentine’s day doesn’t just have to be about romantic love. It can be centered around love for your friends too!

We hosted this party for precisely that reason – to create a gathering that was all about each other. It turned into a gorgeous, glittery day where we (and some of our best buds) could all hang out and be girly. We donned sky-high sequin stilettos, batted our faux eyelashes, and painted our lips gorgeous shades of pink. It was a great success for us, and I’m sharing it now so you can follow our example!

See more V-Day tips and tricks from us in our other features on Huffington Post and 100 Layer Cake!


Photography: Haley Sheffield Photography

Styling: Juli Vaughn Designs and Ashley Pepitone Designs

Paper crafts: Jamie Wyckoff of Julia’s Poppies

Make-up (and Glittered EVERYTHING): Andrea Carter Artistry

Jan 092013

In a few weeks, I’m going to head back to the hustle and bustle of New York City! I’m extra excited for my trip since last time I was there, I was lucky enough to be part of an incredible photo shoot in Staten Island. The shoot was Carmen Santorelli’s baby (she’s an amazing film photographer from the New York area). She invited many vendors from New York (and me!) to participate in the shoot. Carmen got the idea from a friend in Italy, who wanted to bring Carmen some Venetian masks. I always love an opportunity to work with such a sparkly inspiration, but I thought we should expand beyond just the masks to add an extra touch of pizzazz with the bright, glittery feel of the Carnivale.

The shoot itself was a magical experience. It was especially fun for me because I got a chance to go wild in New York’s endlessly astounding flower markets. The amount of variety they had was incredible! My favorite flower was the ranunculous as big as your face.

I also got the opportunity to hand-make a lot of the little details for the shoot. I hand-painted all of the little Carnivale animals and added whimsical little glitter masks to their faces, plus a little glitter on their hooves for good measure! I used my handy-dandy sewing machine to make the napkins, too!

The shoot turned out so gorgeous that we were published on Style Me Pretty; and now we’re posting it here for your enjoyment!


Dec 082012

Everyone knows Thanksgiving is all about the food – and has been for decades. Yet even more than the food it’s about coming together as a family. This shoot was inspired by the nostalgic yet cutting edge food trends of the 1960’s. We love the colors, the styles, and even the corning ware! This is the story of a bride and groom who embraced the edgy rebel idea of an elopement while sticking to the tradition of coming home to their families for the Thanksgiving meal.

(Featured on Green Wedding Shoes)




Photography: Jeff Roffman Photography

Floral & Event Design: Juli Vaughn Designs

Venue: The Marianna

Catering: Simply Catering

Papergoods: Julia’s Poppies Design

Drinks: Lyght House Cocktails

Hair Consulting: Gabriella Giarrano

Makeup Consulting: Andrea Carter Artistry

Vintage Rentals: Bash Factory