Get ready for one of the sweetest weddings you will ever see! Lauren and Kyle share that rare type of love that even strangers can feel. A love that lasts a lifetime; that radiates through their wedding photographs by Andy Brophy.

When I first met Lauren I quickly found out that she was very family oriented. Very rarely does a bride come to a consultation with both of her parents and Lauren did. I could tell right away that they were not only super close, but kind and gracious as well. They wanted Lauren’s wedding to be a memorable night for all family members and friends to enjoy.

Lauren and Kyle drew most of their inspiration from nature. We started with an organic concept full of greenery and neutral colors and added in a little touch of glam with mixed metallics.

I know you will see the authenticity and overwhelming love in these photos- just like Lauren and her sweet family.


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Photographer: Andy Brophy
Venue: Summerour
Floral & Event Design: Juli Vaughn Designs
Wedding Dress: Bridals by Lori


From the first time I met Lindsay I knew her wedding would be unforgettable. Playing with color is one of the highlights of this crazy job, and when Lindsay told me that she wanted a bright, colorful celebration – one not limited to a specific color palette – I was thrilled. That she trusted me and gave me a lot of free reign to create color explosions and awesome handmade pieces was even better!

Beyond colors, Lindsay and Ryan’s wedding was chocked full of personalized details. There were golden dinosaurs, a dog cake topper, rainbow sprinkled doughnuts, bright paper flowers in trees, and metallic arrows. Lindsay also designed (check out her website here) all the printed paper goods including the menus and the adorable ‘yay!’ signs her guests waved throughout the evening.

It truly felt like we were playing during the entire process and contributed to why I have such a crush on this wedding.

Brace yourself. You’re about to crush too ;)


Photography: Altmix Photography
Event & Floral Design: Juli Vaughn Designs
Venue, Catering, & Cake: JCT Kitchen & Bar
Music: Justin Music
Twister Topper: MountRoyalMint
Printed/Paper Items: Designed by Lindsay Podrid, Printed by Mama’s Sauce, Pen & Screen Printing, and Rise & Shine Paper
Bridal Sash: LauraStark
Veil & Fascinator: MaddieLus
Arrows: FletcherandFox


We all know that person who is never without a book in hand – that person whose entire house looks like one giant used bookstore, where every table, shelf, and random chair is loaded with a stack of novels. Diana’s groom, David, is that person – and it’s the thing Diana loves most about him. She once even saw him pull out a book from his suit jacket during a break in the synagogue service!

Diana loved that aspect of David so much that she wanted to feature it prominently in their wedding. She asked for a modern, clean white wedding themed around books to show their shared passion and love for one another. Together, we worked hard to create a relaxed and homey atmosphere that gave the feel of curling up in the corner with a good book and great friends, while still keeping that modern look. Their chuppah (Diana’s favorite piece) was decorated entirely with printed pages, and each table at their reception featured similar pages and stacks of books as the main centerpiece. We even incorporated some of the pages into the flower arrangements!

We hope you’re inspired by these images, and by the love that David and Diana have for each other and their books.

Diana 1192Diana 0181Diana 1168Diana 1165
Diana 1185Diana 1183Diana 1186Diana 1184Diana 1176Diana 1172Diana 1174Diana 1199Diana 1198Diana 0591Diana 0617Diana 1171Diana 1217Diana 1094Diana 1098Diana 1209Diana 1233
Diana 1230Diana 1096Diana 1099

Floral & Event Design: Juli Vaughn Designs
Photographer – Vosamo Photography
Wedding Planner – Bluming Creativity
Venue & Catering: The Georgian Terrace
Cake: Frosted Pumpkin
Band: U.S. Beat
Invitations: RSVP, Inc by Robyn Feinberg


It’s easy to think that a neutral color palette equals a boring wedding. White, tan, ivory, and gray don’t seem like exciting colors at first glance. But design-wise it’s totally possible to do amazing things with colors that seem so ordinary. With a varied color palette, textures can be a hard sell – but with muted, neutral tones, texture creates beauty and catches the eye in a similar way that bright colors do.

Jordan came to me looking for a combination of texture and neutrals I knew from the start would be anything but boring! She wanted wild and funky textures in both her flowers and her decor – a romantic, mismatched look that embodied Jordan’s personal style.

You can see the layers of texture in Jordan’s flowers especially with lots of succulents, mosses, and the ultimate textured flower – a king protea. Jordan’s father made all of the wooden boxes that held the flowers on the tables – which were so lovely and added that perfect personal touch. Topped off with her statement dress, this wedding was organic, romantic, and FULL of whimsical texture!



Event & Floral Design – Juli Vaughn Designs
Photographer – Christina Guerrero Photography
Wedding planner- A Big To Do Event
Videographer – Picture Perfect Tributes
Catering – Endive
Pies – The Pie Shop
Band – Atlanta Groove Factory
Dress – Nicole Miller Bridal 
Map – Handmade by Jordan’s Aunt


They say necessity is the mother of invention – and Anu and Joe proved to be a very inventive couple! When their plans for a destination wedding to Mexico fell through, they decided to create the destination experience for family and friends from Texas – all while staying right here in Atlanta.

Built around the simple and sleek space of Mason Murer Art Gallery, Anu asked me to create a design that was warm, eclectic, romantic, and very modern. Her chosen colors of navy and coral – and the addition of some soft, romantic flowers in gentler hues – made for a riot of color inside the gallery’s contemporary white space. Despite their wedding’s modern look, it was important to Anu and Joe to feature some aspects from their Indian roots – so the bridesmaids wore lovely navy outfits traditional in India.

I absolutely adore Indian weddings for their vibrancy and sparkle, and Anu and Joe’s was no exception. It was the perfect mix of modern and tradition – with a side of Indian flair.

Namaste and enjoy these dreamy images from Heidi of Our Labor of Love!


Floral & Décor – Juli Vaughn Designs
Draping – Geri Sims
Photographer – Our Labor of Love by Heidi Geldhauser
Videographer – PJ Horne & Ross Allen
Wedding Planner – Nicole Fantz
Hair/Makeup – Sheena Razmi
Music – DJ Sketch Sounds
Cake – Atlanta Cake Studio
Videobooth  – The GuestBox
Wedding Dress – La Sposa
Shoes: BHLDN


Some people were born to be Anglophiles – and I’m one of them! I adore anything British or Union Jack-related. Throw in some adorable Teddy Bears and I’m so there! (Little known fact: I collect Teddy Bears and have since I was a baby!) So, I jumped on the opportunity to do a photo shoot with some fabulous vendors – Amanda of Atlanta Event Studio, Callie of Achor & Eden Photography, and Krista of Blue Eyed Yonder. It was an added bonus when I found out that we were actually designing a surprise baby shower! We covered everything in Union Jacks and Union Jack colors and set up Paddington Bear as our baby-to-be’s future companion. Topped with a spot of tea, this super sweet shower was an elegant and adorable way to celebrate future Mom!


Event Design & Florals: Juli Vaughn Designs
Planner: Amanda of Atlanta Event Studio
Photography: Callie of Achor & Eden Photography
Event Rentals: Blue Eyed Yonder
Stationary: Made in the Fold


It was a gray and drizzly day when the Not-Wedding began. Tucked away on a twisting side road, the Mason Murer Art Gallery’s parking lot was awash with people. I joined them almost as soon as I got out of my car, running to help Juli carry in box after box of vases, paper backdrops, flowers, and supplies.

I’ve participated in a photo shoot before, but never one like this: a sprawling bridal show alternative where multiple photographers, designers, caterers, and more all put their skills on display by creating a fake wedding. The usual photo shoot experience is hectic enough, but it gets even crazier when the public is going to be involved. Yet it was a relatively organized chaos, designers and photographers bantering back and forth as we all rushed to make plans for the day into a reality.

As both observer and on-call minion, it was fascinating to watch the event come together before my eyes. While tying small containers of flowers to the chairs lining the proverbial aisle and shouting to Juli about whether her lovely ceremony backdrops were hanging dead center, I watched as vendors ran left and right, gathering all their supplies and snapping photos of the preparations.  Chairs were brought in, tablescapes arranged, boutonnieres and bouquets handed off to photogenic groomsmen and bridesmaids.

In all the madness it can sometimes be hard to see the end goal. But by the time things began to settle down, I could take a step back and see how gorgeous and cohesive everything looked. It’s an event I’m proud to have participated in, even if my role was small: and it’s an event I hope continues for years to come.


A full list of vendors can be found here


Katie is a girl of simple, elegant, straightforward tastes. She knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it. So when she came to me to design her wedding, she had a very clear vision for her wedding day. Katie was looking for classic, modern elegance drenched with her favorite color, yellow, and accented with navy blue and light gray.

I was designing her wedding, though, so not everything was going to be clean lines and simple patterns! Like Katie herself, we agreed there should be just a touch of whimsy. We made that happen with the magic of paper!

Paper is a fantastic, cheap, and beautiful alternative to flowers when your budget is a little tight. Don’t get me wrong – flowers are terribly important (*ahem* Check out her bouquet chocked FULL of yellow ranunculus), but really beautiful paper can create amazing texture as well.

We designed a classic, cohesive ceremony and reception look with handmade paper puffs as the focal point for the ceremony and accenting each table. Paired with larger suspended paper puffs and paper lanterns hung from the ceiling, these little details made her special day really pop – a fun, unique touch against an otherwise simple, straightforward backdrop!


Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0293Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0002Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0223Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0215(2)Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0234Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0148Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0150Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0138Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0143
Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0156Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0164Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0166Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0140Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0023Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0041Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0042Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0038Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0049Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0047
Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0054Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0175Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0171Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0060Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0067
Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0068Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0078Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0069Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0066Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0265Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0269Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0272Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0264
Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0284Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0291Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0289Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0270Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0310Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0326Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0304Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0311Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0214Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0208Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0209Katie Mike-3398462 JVD Photos for Disc-0220

Floral & Event Design: Juli Vaughn Designs
Photography: Alea Moore Photography
Day-Of Coordinator: Amanda Ready of Atlanta Event Studio
Venue: The Foundry at Puritan Mill
Catering: Sally’s Events


Whenever I sit down with a bride for the first time, I immediately start thinking of suggesting floral and fabric shades that complement her natural coloring. All brides deserve to have a beautiful wedding full of colors that make her look stunning in all of her pictures. Some colors are easier to avoid than others – most people don’t look amazing in neon yellow, but ya never know!

Belinda, being the sweetheart that she is, knew from our very first conversation exactly what colors she wanted.  She took the concept of complementing shades and applied it to each part of her wedding – seeking not just the perfectly matched hues of purple, gray, and green, but food, flowers, and a location consistent with both her and Andrew’s personalities.

Belinda’s dream wedding brought to life became a gorgeous mixture of classic elegance and rustic outdoorsiness, all accented in beautiful plum purple. My favorite final touch was the chuppah I made for them, draping it in shades of gray, white, and beige.

Throw in some locally raised and grown food for the menu, and you have the makings of a perfect wedding day – perfectly complementing Andrew and Belinda in every way!


Photographer: Michelle Marie photography
Venue: Montaluce Winery
Floral & Event Designer: Juli Vaughn Designs
Event Coordinator: Bluming Creativity (Tara Kornblum)
Hair & Makeup: G Salon and Spa
Cake/Dessert: Frosted Pumpkin Gourmet, Inc.
Caterer – Le Vigne Restaurant at Montaluce Winery
Officiant: Peter S. Berg (The Temple)
Ceremony Musician: Adele Wang
DJ/Band: Fernando (Lethal Rhythms)
Wedding Dress: Wedding Angels
Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Bridesmaids Dresses: Wtoo
Groom’s Tux: Ken Sharma
Groomsmen Suits: The Tuxedo House
Stationary: Prologue Press
Transportations: Crown Mountain Limo


Every season holds its own inspiration. Spring has soft pastels and sweet little blooms on branches. Summer has wildflowers and vibrant jewel tones. Autumn is natural, crisp, and surrounded by amber light. But winter – winter is for snuggling, feasting, and finding warmth.

Originally, we got our idea from Jamie Elliot McPherson – the owner of our gorgeous venue, High Meadows at Vinewood. Together we decided on the color board for this inspiration shoot: a gorgeous juxtaposition of the cool wintry tones of gray with the warmth of firelight gold. To create a sense of the beauty of these colors’ differences, I picked materials that contrasted beautifully with one another – soft, draping burlap and shiny metallic golds. We even chose our models with the coloring in mind – the pair are color opposites!

This shoot is our take on snuggling with your love, feasting at a truly splendid venue, and finding warmth in the long, gray winter months.

Featured on 100 Layer Cake!

Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0023Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0039Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0037Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0043Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0031Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0071Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0049
Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0055Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0061Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0059
Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0045Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0007Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0009Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0003Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0002Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0001Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0084Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0097Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0168Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0170
Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0171Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0180Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0175Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0186Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0188Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0203Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0087Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0263Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0244Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0245Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0107Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0262Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0215Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0089Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0088Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0090
Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0093Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0095Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0096Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0218Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0237Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0217Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0086Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0109Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0265Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0247Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0110Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0112Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0114Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0118Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0124Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0130Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0132Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0156Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0148Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0152Gold Grey Wedding High Res-WinterWedatVinewood-0197

Styling, Floral & Event Design: Juli Vaughn Designs
Photography: Hayley Sheffield
Venue: High Meadows at Vinewood
Wardrobe Styling: Melissa Welch
Dresses: Fabulous Frocks of Atlanta
Veil, Floral Pieces, Silver/Diamond Earrings: Fine and Fleurie
Invitations, Paper Goods: Julia’s Poppies Design
Desserts: Sift! Dessert Boutique
Makeup: Jennifer Horton Makeup
Hair: Amber Avanossian of Paisley Salon
Balloons: A Balloon Affair

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