Mar 292015
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Whether it’s your first time hosting Easter Brunch or your 30th time, everyone can use some fresh inspiration. I find that as a color lover, I long for holiday decor that involves bright hues and surprising elements. I want to repurpose things in my home and give my guests something to talk about when the conversation about who got which candy in their Easter basket wanes.

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The first thing to keep in mind when you’re putting together your ideal tabletop is to ask yourself, “What is going to fill it up?” Is family-style food your thing? Is a killer flower arrangement? Are cute signs and place cards? You can have it all if you follow these tips.

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1. Start with basics like the Linen Hemstitch Table Runner. It’s a piece you can use for any holiday but it provides a neutral start to any decor. I also used the Sketch Bunny Napkins which are playful, a neutral tone, and totally worth a splurge.

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2. Stick with one type of flower in medium sized modern glass vases. I used Parrot Tulips because they’re in season and very easy to find at a farmer’s market. An alternative to flowers is to fill a vase with organic carrots. The greenery at the top can serve as your floral element and you can eat them after Easter! If you use something like Aegean Clear Glass Vases you’ll have plenty of room to place food items around on the table as well.

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3. Repurpose home items and fresh produce for signage. I used the Serafina Vanity Mirror for an unexpected “Happy Easter” sign. I also used spray-painted carrots for place cards. Simply tape off the top of the carrot with painter’s tape, cover with 2 coats of metallic spray paint, and attach a piece of card stock paper for the place card. Voila! Instant conversation piece!

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4. Add pops of color by using Pressed Milk Glass Votives, Robin Eggs, or hand painted wooden eggs like these from my friend Ashley Pepitone.

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5. Embrace change. We all long for a picturesque table scape with perfectly placed napkins, shiny silverware, and calligraphy place cards. But, let’s be honest, we ALL place our cell phone right next to all that lovely as soon as we sit down. I say embrace the change and incorporate it into your decor by providing a cell pocket. I put this one together with color-coordinated scrapbook paper, scissors, and hot glue. The phone immediately has a home to sit in for easy access for all that Instagram-ing you might need to do, and yet it fits in with the table decor perfectly.

Pottery Barn 0005Pottery Barn 0006

Pottery Barn 0035

Pottery Barn 0033

Pottery Barn 0030Pottery Barn 0029

Pottery Barn 0026

Styling & concept: Juli Vaughn
Photography: Tulle and Grace
Hand Painted Easter Eggs: Ashley Pepitone

Mar 232015

Glimpses of spring are here and we could not be more excited to see flowers blooming and color peeking back through the wintery abyss. Abby and Chris’s wedding is the perfect way to celebrate the shades of spring with mint, peach, blush, and glittery gold. Abby wanted their wedding day to be romantic, whimsical, glittery, and just a tad rustic – The White Oaks Barn in Dahlonega, Georgia was the perfect venue for them.

Abby wanted full, lush blooms in her bouquet. It included Campanella and Juliet Garden Roses, Ranunculus, and Peonies galore. Their ceremony backdrop was also very important to them and the hint of sparkle on the draping nodded towards the glitter tablecloths at the reception. We love a good hint of glitter!

You can also view their wedding on Ruffled Blog!


Festive georgia barn wedding 18

Festive georgia barn wedding 17

Festive georgia barn wedding 20Festive georgia barn wedding 35

Festive georgia barn wedding 66 1

Festive georgia barn wedding 11

Festive georgia barn wedding 27 1

Festive georgia barn wedding 30

Festive georgia barn wedding 28Festive georgia barn wedding 31

Festive georgia barn wedding 24

Festive georgia barn wedding 41

Festive georgia barn wedding 42 1

Festive georgia barn wedding 19

Festive georgia barn wedding 40Festive georgia barn wedding 39

Festive georgia barn wedding 55

Festive georgia barn wedding 59

Festive georgia barn wedding 73

Festive georgia barn wedding 82

Festive georgia barn wedding 89Festive georgia barn wedding 88

Festive georgia barn wedding 84

Festive georgia barn wedding 85 1

Festive georgia barn wedding 87 1

Festive georgia barn wedding 83

Festive georgia barn wedding 91 1

Festive georgia barn wedding 67

Festive georgia barn wedding 33Festive georgia barn wedding 69Festive georgia barn wedding 15

Festive georgia barn wedding 71

Wedding Location: Dahlonega, GA / Photographer: Ariel Renae / Floral and Event Design: Juli Vaughn Designs / Wedding Venue and Caterer: White Oaks Barn / Wedding Dress: Jenny Packham via Kelly’s Closet / Hair: Bride’s sister, Kristy Ammons / Makeup: Aubrie Patrick / Groom’s Suit: Savvi Formalwear / Wedding Cakes: Memorable Creations Cake Shop / Ceremony Musician: The Armonico String Ensemble / Singer: Sarah Tollerson / DJ: Groomsman Entertainment / Wedding Invitations and Paper Goods: Consider The Lilies Paper / Videographer: Artworks Wedding Cinema

Mar 092015

One of the words I hear in the wedding and design world quite a bit is “texture.” For this photo shoot, I embraced the theme “Toss in some Texture.” Texture is one of my favorite things to play with. Incorporating texture can take a simple color scheme from a snooze-fest to something really thought provoking. Our inspiration image for this shoot has a ton of texture – tile, fur, mixed patterns, metals, marble, and wood – but the neutral tones create a base.

When combining textures, make sure that the colors complement each other or are neutral enough that they don’t take on an “everything but the kitchen sink” appearance. It’s similar to the way a designer uses multiple patterns in a well decorated room. As long as the color scheme is adhered to – you can toss in pattern to your heart’s content and it all goes together.

A money-saving side note to incorporate texture: One unusual and cost effective thing we did was to take one of the gorgeous linens from Party Tables and create a wallpaper effect with it. This can be a way to introduce pattern into a space for the less “crafty” brides out there. Order a large tablecloth (or multiple ones) and simply hang them as backdrops. You won’t have to purchase a bunch of material that you’ll never use again!

Enjoy these photos from Our Labor of Love by Heidi and checkout Ruffled Blog to see more!

















061  1

058059  1





Shoot Location: The Seed Studio & The Fox Theatre / Photographer: Our Labor of Love by Heidi / Event Design, Styling, and Floral Design: Juli Vaughn Designs / Wedding Dress: Claire Pettibone via Kelly’s Closet / Sequin Purse: Anthropologie / Hair and Makeup: Andrea Carter Artistry / Men’s Attire: Billy Reid / Caterer: Sun in My Belly / Wedding Cake: Eileen Carter Creations / Linens: Party Tables / Furniture: Blue Eyed Yonder / Wedding Invitations: Yours is the Earth

Mar 022015

I’m not exaggerating when I say the view at Rockwood Lodge in Highlands, NC, took my breath away. The combination of the most luxurious log cabin you’ve ever stepped foot in and the Blue Ridge Mountains filling your senses was unreal. You feel as though you’ve hopped across the pond to the scenery of Ireland. It is refreshing and crisp and oh-so-lovely.

That idea of crisp mountain air in the spring really inspired the rich colors and the feel of this shoot. I wanted to showcase how mountain life isn’t always rustic and heavy, but can easily lend itself to opulence. Joining forces with some brilliant wedding vendors, we combined shades of moss green and sky blue with lush florals and springtime plaids. Styling this shoot made me feel as though I was waking up to spring after a long, winter slumber – not quite ready to give up my plaid throw or cup of tea on cool mornings, but ready for the hope that Spring always brings.

Spring can’t get here fast enough, but this will suffice for now.














050 045









Feb 232015

It’s no secret how much I adore color! With my heart craving warmth and summertime, I just had to share some of our summer inspired florals! This ultra-fun styled shoot was inspired by showcasing the beauty not only in the architecture of sky line but also in the way nature softens its edges and colors outside the lines of that architecture.

It’s easy to find inspiration in landscapes, rolling hills, and giant stretches of a skyline. It’s much harder to find beauty in a concrete jungle. You have to look for it and be grateful for the creeping vines on buildings and the artist that creates a mural for the enjoyment of people he or she will never meet. With the help of some of my favorite vendors, I was able to highlight the vibrancy found it Atlanta’s Living Walls and embrace the color and life of street art we walk by everyday. Enjoy these photos from Genya Vue Photography and check out Ruffled Blog to see more!


Cityshoot 256

Cityshoot 9

Cityshoot 80

Cityshoot 56Cityshoot 34

Cityshoot 302

Cityshoot 112Cityshoot 295

Cityshoot 279

Cityshoot 191Cityshoot 201

Cityshoot 240

Cityshoot 117

Cityshoot 384

Cityshoot 410

Cityshoot 170

Cityshoot 149

Cityshoot 153

Cityshoot 339

Cityshoot 423

Cityshoot 419

Cityshoot 410

Cityshoot 348

Cityshoot 51

Cityshoot 395

Cityshoot 397

Cityshoot 375


Shoot Location: Atlanta, GA
Photographer: Vue Photography
Event Design, Floral Design, and Styling: Juli Vaughn Designs
Coordination: Pretty Swell Parties
Venue: West Side Cultural Arts Center
Top: Carol Hannah via The Sentimentalist
Skirt: Mulberry
Hair and Makeup: Andrea Carter Artistry
Groom’s Attire: The Modern Gent
Caterer: Sun in My Belly
Wedding Cake: Sugar & Slate
Art/Canvas Place Mats: Renee Bouchon Art
Linens: I Do Linens
Rentals: Event Rentals Unlimited
Invitation Suite and Paper Goods: Fresh Love & Co.
Videographer: The Reason

Feb 102015

I remember when Nicole first came to The Seed Studio I was totally in love with her color palette. She wanted every shade of pink I could get my hands on with accents of blue berries and sunny yellow. As if that wasn’t enough to make me swoon, she loves peonies and ranunculus just about as much as I do and also let me sell her on the crazy notion of an asymmetrical wedding arch. Nicole and Dan’s wedding was classic but whimsical and beautifully captured by Rustic White Photography.

Enjoy this bright but romantic affair with fluffy blooms, sweeping landscapes, and one of my favorite ceremony backdrops to date.


Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite277

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite022

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite033Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite129

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite122Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite036

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite319

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite006

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite004Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite001Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite007

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite005

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite044

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite079

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite110

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite231

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite142

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite145

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite323

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite322Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite320

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite210

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite215

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite252

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite329

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite336Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite331

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite335

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite346

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite338

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite295

Nicole DanWedding RusticWhite302

Venue: Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club Legacy Lookout
Event Planning: Kristy Masterson
Florals & Event Design: Juli Vaughn Designs
Photographer: Rustic White Photography
Cake: Metrotainment Bakery
Dress: From Bridals by Lori
Shoes: Kate Spade
Hair: Jill Trapino of io Salon & Spa
Makeup: Kimberly Mack Beauty Studio
Groom’s Attire: Jos. A. Bank
DJ: Lethal Rhythms


Feb 062015

It is in the dead of winter that my heart most longs for adventure. The idea of slipping away and seeing the world just feels warmer.

This past year, I embarked on a cross-country road trip from Atlanta to Seattle. I had never had the desire to see the West until I actually saw it. I was overwhelmed. The colors that I had always thought were contrived were suddenly right there painted in sunsets and landscapes. It was breathtaking every single day of our eleven day trip. When we reached Seattle I was so inspired that this shoot was an outpouring of that inspiration. I joined forces with my amazing photographer cousin, Becca Blevins, (We are located so far away from one another that I had never had the privilege of working with her!) and some talented vendors from Portland.

This shoot was inspired by the sense of adventure in all of us. The sense of jumping in a roadster with the one you love and forgetting the consequences. Call it frivolous. Call it foolhardy. That is love in it’s purest form. It is an adventure of trust.

Travel Wedding  193

Travel Wedding  100

Travel Wedding  162

Travel Wedding  116Travel Wedding  104

Travel Wedding  106

Travel Wedding  102Travel Wedding  160

Travel Wedding  124

Travel Wedding  122

Travel Wedding  130

Travel Wedding  148Travel Wedding  149Travel Wedding  151

Travel Wedding  127

Travel Wedding  135

Travel Wedding  123

Travel Wedding  184

Travel Wedding  178

Travel Wedding  173

Travel Wedding  157  1Travel Wedding  156  1Travel Wedding  170

Travel Wedding  116

Travel Wedding  112

Travel Wedding  209

Travel Wedding  206

Travel Wedding  198

Travel Wedding  186

Travel Wedding  211

Travel Wedding  183

Travel Wedding  217

Styling & Floral Design: Juli Vaughn Designs || Instagram: Juli Vaughn Designs

Cake: Alissa Frice || Instagram: Fricepastry

Dress: Ania Collection || Facebook: Ania Collection

Designer: Theia  || Facebook: Theia

Jewelry: Betsy & Iya || Instagram: Betsy & Iya

Invites: Sarah Collins || Instagram: Neon Ground

Photo: Becca Blevins || Instagram: Beccablevins_photography

Makeup: Monica Nihn || Instagram: Monn Bonn

Venue: Krueger Farm

Model: Bailey Burger || Instagram: Forestandfield



Jan 192015

Here is a sneak peek of what is to come this year from our newest designer, Bre Garvin!

“As the newest designer for Juli Vaughn Designs, I knew I wanted to showcase bright, cheery colors in first solo styled shoot. Vibrant colors are a signature of our style and I drew inspiration from the state in which I first fell in love with color—my home state of Arizona.

Growing up in Arizona I was encircled by the warm hues of sandstone and the brightly colored Southwestern Native American designs. I love the patterns and motifs and the way they pop against the natural landscape. Using Papago Park as my background and a few Southwestern jewelry pieces from my mother’s collection, I feel like I captured what Arizona beauty is to me. It is wild and glorious and yet comforting.”


Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0194  1

Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0176

Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0185

Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0010Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0029

Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0041

Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0108

Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0002Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0008

Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0146

Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0145Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0111Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0033

Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0020Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0009

Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0119

Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0056Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0059

Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0154  1

Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0058

Juli Vaughn Designs AZ Shoot Proofs 0181

Styling, Floral, and Event Design: Bre Garvin for Juli Vaughn Designs
Photography: Rachael Koscica Photography
Bridal Gowns and Veils: Lillian Lottie Couture
Groom Attire: Mr. Formal
Hair and Makeup: Gatsby Gallego
Cake: Caketini-Scottsdale
Invitation and calligraphy: Erica Tighe for Be A Heart

Jan 032015

I must say this year was incredibly full of wonderful memories and eye opening experiences. For starters, I decided to expand my business and move to New York, went on a cross country road trip with the love of my life, was inspired by the classic charm of France and Italy, and am currently in Merida, Mexico designing a wedding at the most amazing hacienda. It has also been a year full of meeting new clients and vendors, collaborating with talented friends, and growth both personally and professionally. I have felt overwhelmed and exhausted in many ways but overall am stunned by this year in the most beautiful way.

As we enter 2015, I want to share some of my favorite finds. I hope they will bring you equally as much joy as they have brought me this year! This is a collection of Art, tunes, flowers we have loved, some twinkle for your toes, and booze because well, booze. Run your mouse over the image to find the link.

Cheers to 2015! May it hold new dreams and fabulous surprises and overflow with flowers. Always more flowers.


1.) Screen Shot 2015 01 01 at 1 59 04 PM Screen Shot 2015 01 01 at 1 54 26 PM Screen Shot 2015 01 01 at 12 23 11 PM

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4.) Screen Shot 2014 12 30 at 7 29 36 PM Screen Shot 2015 01 02 at 5 53 59 PM Screen Shot 2015 01 02 at 5 54 18 PM

5.) DiIprGe6ZfXyiqRy8y7cDq6GMb1EpS29cXoL 3jK1ak

6.Ca98623ad15fa18af4f10d4ae67fd38a Screen Shot 2014 12 29 at 9 25 02 PM 9aa0d2fffd21743d3e63af725edcba27


8.) Screen Shot 2015 01 01 at 2 10 47 PM Black opal 900 Screen Shot 2014 12 31 at 3 37 22 PM

9.) Screen Shot 2015 01 01 at 2 45 58 PM Screen Shot 2015 01 01 at 2 53 43 PM

10.) Screen Shot 2014 12 29 at 8 52 31 PM Screen Shot 2014 12 29 at 8 51 58 PM Screen Shot 2014 12 29 at 8 56 29 PM

11.) Rumchata

12.) Screen Shot 2015 01 01 at 3 05 07 PM

13.) Screen Shot 2015 01 01 at 3 36 07 PM Screen Shot 2015 01 01 at 3 37 07 PM Screen Shot 2015 01 01 at 3 37 26 PM

1. Ashley Woodson Bailey Prints
2. First Aid Kit Music
3. Juli Vaughn Designs – Gilded Winter Romance
4. Gold Desk Accessories from Target
5. Juli Vaughn Designs – Bohemian Glam
6. Silk and Willow
7. Domino Magazine
8. Knot+Bow Design & Black Onyx Soap
9. Juli Vaughn Designs – Arizona Styled Shoot
10. Karen Millen Floral Coat
11. Rum Chata
12. Cole Haan Women’s Gramercy Oxford Flats
13. Juli Vaughn Designs – Idyllic Floral Wedding Inspiration